I’m not a photographer.  I’m someone who takes pictures of what I see. I see the beauty in ordinary.  I see the details resting inside the bigger picture.  I see the story in the lines.
I’m not a photographer.  I’m an accountant.  I’m trained to analyze and understand.  I’m always searching for the next piece of the puzzle.  I see the beauty in the abstract.
I’m not a photographer.  I’m a history buff.  I appreciate the way each person fits into the bigger picture and into the narrative of us.  I see the past in the present.  I see the life in the abandoned.
I try to capture what I see, not just what I see with my eyes, but what I see with who I am.  I take pictures.  I take snapshots.  I freeze time.  But I’m not a photographer.
I have enjoyed taking pictures since I was a teenager.  I’ve only recently picked up a more serious camera with an eye to something more than just snapshots.  I want to share my progress as I learn and as I practice. And, I want to share my view of the world I live in.  But I am not a photographer.
My name is Denita Long.  I’m a transplanted Southerner who lives in North Carolina by way of Wisconsin.  I love the cold and I still have the joy of a child when it snows.